My iOS Timeline (Starting with the early days...) by Chuck Toussieng

While I have been writing code for 25+ years, all I have done code-wise for the last 8 years is create, consult and manage iOS app creation.  A tiny bit of Android, but mostly iOS.  There isn't a type of app that I can think of that I haven't been involved in; games, utilities, enterprise, medical, marketing, social- and on.  I don't think there is a framework or a social API that I haven't had to integrate. 

I've used Objective-C primarily (now more Swift,) however I have also made many games and educational apps (some in the medical space with augmented reality from Qualcomm) using Unity3D and cocos2d.  I've written Unity / iOS plug-ins and made libraries for iOS.

I have also done extensive networking including Gamekit and MultiPeer connectivity, bluetooth communication for medical devices and printers, and a custom credit card swiper hardware interface for payment processing.  I've also hooked up Arduinos and Raspberry Pis for several sensor based applications and Remote amateur radio APRS iGATES.

Database-wise, probably 70% of the apps I have written use native SQLite for storage on the device.  I've used straight C to talk to the database as well as FMDatabase and the cool cross platform product, Realm.  Core Data is a great technology and I have used it on 2 projects- however I have often found it too heavy for the goal.

NOTE: For the last 3 years, I have been writing Enterprise apps so they aren't distributed in the App Store.  Some are also not shown here due to distribution / labeling agreements.  I'm happy to discuss them if you have a need for that type of distribution or custom white-label.


2008 - Starting with the crazy times...

These are a few of the iOS apps I have written.  Every one of them was an amazing learning experience.  Sadly, a few of these companies have not been successful, so some of the links may be dead.  It's still an exciting place to be!

iPhone App: Convert (my very first iPhone app)

When the iPhone SDK came out in 2008, I wanted to learn as many of the core concepts for the new os, so I decided on a currency converter.  For the app to work, I needed to pull rates from the internet, store them in a local database on the phone and make them editable.  I also wanted to localize it to reach as many potential customers as possible, so I had it translated to German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.  All of that plus trying to figure out how to sign apps for distribution back before Xcode did everything for you.   

Convert used: C based SQLite, HTTP, Language Localization, Table edits and reorders, custom UI.

iPhone App: Penalty Kicks

The app store was getting crazy- everyone wanted to do a game and the tools were limited at best.  Using the fledgling Unity iPhone SDK, I proceeded to write a game with fully rigged and animated 3D characters in Maya.  What a lesson learned.  The app got delivered to the client but only after personally eating 5 figures in overruns trying to squeeze every drop out of that tiny processor.  Failure can be a great teacher.

Penalty Kicks used: Unity iPhone SDK, Maya


iPhone App: iDreidel (all the physics, and all the fun - Unity3D)

After the grief of Penalty Kicks, I was contracted to write a Dreidel game for a client and leveraged the previous Unity pain to whip it out in about a week.

iDreidel used: Unity iPhone SDK 

iPhone App: zhiing! (where are you again?)

2009 seemed to be the explosion of the location based app.  I was brought in to create a location based texting solution that at the time was the only one in its class.  I learned a ton about Core Location, a little company called Skyhook, and Apple's interesting backgrounding ideas.

zhiing used: Core Location, HTTP, custom UI, background tricks.

iPhone App: Sprout Video Player (Over 1 Million unique video plays per month)

Leveraging their popular kids shows, Sprout was able to garner over 1 Million unique video plays per month with the video player app I created for them along with NewWave Entertainment.

The Sprout Video Player used: Streaming video, custom movie player controls, a custom backend.

iPhone App: Dress Chica (Well over 400K+ downloads)

Dress Chica was an app based on the TV show on PBS.  The app allowed kids to download clothes packs and dress Chica in all kinds of different outfits and accessories, then make postcards to share with their families.

Dress Chica used: Drag and Drop, Lots of Audio tricks, HTTP downloads, custom backend.

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 6.39.43 PM.png

iPhone App: Dress Like Chica

Dressing Chica was fun, but not as much as putting your face on Chica's body, THEN dressing her up.  Especially if you are a kid who watch's Chica on TV.  Dress Like Chica was an obvious and successful follow-on to Dress Chica.

Dress Like Chica used: All the stuff from Dress Chica plus a custom Camera control and masking.

iPhone App: Dane Cook's Su-Fire

Dane Cook.  Su-Fire.  N'uff said.

Su-Fire used: Unity iPhone SDK

Su-Fighter - 8 bit arcade style space shooter companion app to SU-FIRE

SnowFight - iOS Game as a Holiday Card / Giveaway

This app was a first person shooter snowball fight created as a Holiday Card for clients.

SnowFight used: Unity iPhone SDK


iPhone App: Geodelic

iPhone App: Universal Orlando Resort Guide 

iPhone App: Deal Ditty

geodelic was an amazing company to work with.  Great people, fun projects; I learned a ton there.  I wrote several spin-offs and add ons to the core app and helped with the Android side too.  all geodelic apps were location and context based POI suggesters meaning that points of interest were supplied to you in a very contextual way.  For example, one of the spin-offs was for Universal Studios Orlando, where you could get current ride wait times, coupon suggestions based on your location in the park and what you were doing recently.

All geodelic apps used: Core Location, Very customized maps, crazy custom UI, heavy backend support.

iPhone App: FlySmart 

A geodelic spin-off that used custom Airport terminal maps ties to schedules for Clearchannel.


Kids Books

iPhone/iPad App: Puss In Boots Movie Storybook (#1 book in app store Nov. 2011 Also voted best kids app for 2011 here)

This was a custom read-to-me book that leveraged a little trick with cocos2d to provide games on pages.  The entire framework was re-usable and helped to quickly generate several other movie books including the Smurfs, How to Train your Dragon and others.

Puss-in-Boots used: Native Objective C framework with custom cocos2d gaming classes.


iPhone/iPad App: Arthur Christmas Movie Storybook

Same as Puss in Boots, but with more gaming on each page.

Proof of concept book Mika

Mika was an awesome project- multiple levels of 2d art were mixed in with 3D characters which gave a great feeing of depth with parallax.  I used the accelerometer to transition the camera for depth, and many of the object on screen were interactive.

Mika used: Unity3D and native iOS


Call of Duty ELITE proof of concept.

Given a week, I had to come up with a functional prototype that pulled gamer stats from a server.  It worked at the demo.


Several Pharmaceutical training applications

I have created several Augmented Reality training / educational applications for the iPad.   They all used Unity, Vuforia, DFGUI and some custom tools written by myself.

There's more in the works!!!