Back in 2001, some friends wanted to raise money to shoot a first feature.  I thought we could shoot a quick trailer on film and simultaneously make a behind the scenes mini-doc to get people excited about the process, and hopefully raise enough to actually make the film.

I produced and shot the trailer and featurette on film and created a DVD for an all-in cost of $4000.  

The DVD was shown to potential investors and Dave and Mark were able to raise over $1M to complete the film in 2004.  The finished movie was called "Breaking Dawn" and starred Kelly Overton, James Haven and Sarah-Jane Potts.


This is an experiment in Lens Whacking.

Shot on a Canon 5D Mark III with a Nikon E-Series 50mm f1.8, using the Technicolor CineStyle Picture Style.
The footage was Initially edited in Premiere, sent out to Davinci Resolve 9 for a 1 pass luminance curve adjustment, then finished in Premiere.

The song is "Story Board" by The Album Leaf on One Day I'll Be On Time

I hope you enjoy it.


A music video I shot for my son's directorial debut.


This is my old VFX reel. Lots of fun- lots of work!


My daughter surfing some knee slappers at Malibu on an amazingly uncrowded day. Shot with a GoPro HD handheld. Music is Window Seat by Bassnectar on Cozza Frenzy.


My friend Alp and I were at 3rd Street in Santa Monica and I happened to have my new 5D with me. We wanted to try some low light shots and Alp said "just shoot me talking on the phone..." This is all hand held except for the last shot that I'm in. Alp edited did a color grade and voila- hope you like it. Canon 5D 85mm f1.2